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Saws, Blades and Cutting Tools

Peninsula Saw Company Limited

Peninsula Saw Company Limited is a fully certified ISO 9001:2008 company that serves the cutting industry from the east coast of North America to America’s Midwest. Our trucks are on the road five days a week delivering our quality product to our customers.

We are a full CNC and regrind facility that manufactures our products in-house from only the finest steels. We have a full machine shop that is versatile and capable of adapting to meet the specifications of the products our customers demand. We design and manufacture products for the following industries:

  • Wood

  • Steel

  • Paper/cardboard

  • Fibreglass/insulation

  • Food

  • Rubber

  • Plastics

Our product range consists of:



The Peninsula Saw Company Limited also has a full CNC regrind facility for HSS saw blades, carbide saws, knives, shears and more. Our regrind facility picks up and delivers throughout Ontario, New York State, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan!

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